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Cuisine Around the World. Dallas has become a hotbed for some spectacular dining. Find out which are the best restaurants in selected fares. Brazil. Fogo de Chao--When you dine at this restaurant, come with a big appetite. The first thing you see are the waiters dressed as gauchos with skewers of meat. But, don't get distracted too quickly because you have to start your meal at the gigantic salad bar. This salad bar is unlike any other. It is filled with just about everything--fresh cheeses, smoked salmon, soups, vegetables and lots more--everything you couldn't imagine is a part of this salad bar experience. Once this part of the meal is complete, get ready to embark upon the "cards" that are placed on your table. You have a green side and a red side. Red means "no more for me right now" and green is for "I am ready to eat lots of meat!" You won't be able to eat everything they have to offer, so focus on a few of the favorites--the top sirloin, filet mignon and leg of lamb. The side dishes are also delicious and very Brazilian--yucca fries and the fried plantains. Fogo is the place to eat and eat well. We would love to tell you about the desserts, but we have always been too full to get to them.


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