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Fogo de Chão Atlanta
3101 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(404) 266.9988
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Fogo de Chão Belo Horizonte
Fogo de Chão Beverly Hills
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40 West 53rd St.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 969.9980
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Fogo de Chão Rio De Janeiro
Fogo de Chão Rosemont
5460 Park Place
Rosemont, Illinois 60018
Fogo de Chão Salvador
Fogo de Chão San Antonio
Fogo de Chão San Diego
668 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 338.0500
Fogo de Chão San Jose
Fogo de Chão San Juan, Puerto Rico
Fogo de Chão Sao Paulo, Jardins
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Center Norte
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Moema
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Santo Amaro
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Vila Olimpia
Fogo de Chão Scottsdale
Fogo de Chão Washington, D.C.
  • “I did not think this kind of service was available at restaurants! Being one that has experienced just about the full spectrum of dining experiences, my friend and I were totally blown away! The salad bar was fresh and so delicious. The wine, dessert and oh the food, ummm! I have not had better service at any other restaurant regardless of cost. You guys rock! I will spread the word to all my friends. Keep up the great work.”

    March 6, 2003
  • “I was in Irving, TX on business and my customer told me there was a restaurant that was a must. She was right. I had never been to any place like it. The food was EXCELLENT and the service was wonderful. I would like to see one open in the New Orleans area. But until then the next time I'm in Irving I will definately be back.”

    March 6, 2003
  • “I was in Atlanta on business, and was told I had to try "Fogo de Chão". Everyone was right. The food was fantastic, as was the service. I Hope you decide to open a location in the Tampa/Orlando Florida area. The next time I am in Atlanta, I will be back.”

    March 4, 2003
  • “EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! By far one of the best dining experiences ever. Every time I found a meat I liked, the next one topped it!! It was non-stop delight! Please build one in Florida!”

    March 4, 2003
  • “I have ate extensively throughout the country and Fogo de Chao is truely a gem. I don't know whether it's good fortune or not that I live only a block or two away because I find myself craving for it everytime I drive by! Additionally, my father throughly enjoyed the EXPERIENCE which is astonishing because he is a picky restaurant/food connoisseur. Likely one of (if not) the BEST restaurants around Pound for Pound!!”

    March 3, 2003
  • “The best beef I have ever tasted. Of all my experiences during my recent visit to Atlanta, your restaurant is by far the most memorable for me. I look forward to returning and bringing my family.”

    March 3, 2003
  • “I have eaten at all your restaurants in the US and I can say with all certainty that the dining experience is, without question, truly incredible. I am a devote fan and look forward to the time when you have a restaurant in the Orange County/Los Angeles area.”

    March 3, 2003
  • “I'm a lover of fine food's, in the Nero Wolf style. I appreciate fine atmosphere, Fogo has it in spades. The servers are without peer. Sorry Ritz I've found A new home. Ezra -Chicago, Il 3/7/03”

    March 3, 2003
  • “Excellent ambiance, service and food. The complete package!!! Thank you.”

    March 2, 2003
  • “Definitely the best meat I've had in a looong time, maybe ever. The meat selection is fantastic and the service is excellent. The traditional way of serving and preparing the food is wonderful, and the ambiance is unmatched. I'll be going back for sure!”

    March 2, 2003
  • “I visited this restaurant in 1997 while on a trip to Dallas for business and I still to this day savour the memories. It was an incredible experience and one of the best meals of my life. This is my favorite restaurant in the world. Please - open a location up here in Canada!”

    March 1, 2003
  • “Lunchtime experience of a lifetime. Loved the attention and personal touch of the attendants. Nothing left to chance at this unusual yet "comfortable" dining room. The occasion of this first visit was a birthday gift to my daughter....she received a candle for her dessert.....a nice touch here too. Thanks for a special day.”

    February 28, 2003
  • “Finest meal I have ever had. I was expecting a great meal but this was beyond all expectations. Everything from the salad bar to the desert (yes, I still had a little room in there for desert!) was fantastic. The wine was a little pricey but they had a HUGE selection. I can't wait to go back. Best. Dinner. Ever.”

    February 26, 2003
  • “I don't know if there are words to describe how wonderful the experience was of being at Fogo De Chao for my birthday. I truly thank the staff of the Chicago restaurant for making it my best birthday ever. It was such a pleasure to have a giant smile on my face during the entire dinner. The wine, the salad bar, the meat, the sides, and the desserts were all phenomenal. All of my friends are now drooling and are making reservations immediately. I can't wait to return again and again. Thank you so much for such a pleasurable evening.”

    February 26, 2003
  • “Unreal! Never imagined such a wonderful dining expierence. My wife and I had a beautiful evening at Fogo De Chao. I was very impressed with the atmosphere and the food was the best I have ever had! and that is the honest truth. Thanks for a great time! Chris and Denell Carter”

    February 25, 2003

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