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Fogo de Chão Atlanta
3101 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(404) 266.9988
Fogo de Chão Austin
Fogo de Chão Baltimore
Fogo de Chão Belo Horizonte
Fogo de Chão Beverly Hills
Fogo de Chão Boston
Fogo de Chão Brasilia
Fogo de Chão Chicago
Fogo de Chão Dallas
Fogo de Chão Denver
Fogo de Chão Houston
Fogo de Chão Indianapolis
Fogo de Chão Kansas City
Fogo de Chão Las Vegas
Fogo de Chão Mexico
Fogo de Chão Miami
Fogo de Chão Minneapolis
Fogo de Chão New York
40 West 53rd St.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 969.9980
Fogo de Chão Orlando
Fogo de Chão Philadelphia
Fogo de Chão Portland
Fogo de Chão Rio De Janeiro
Fogo de Chão Rosemont
5460 Park Place
Rosemont, Illinois 60018
Fogo de Chão Salvador
Fogo de Chão San Antonio
Fogo de Chão San Diego
668 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 338.0500
Fogo de Chão San Jose
Fogo de Chão Sao Paulo, Jardins
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Center Norte
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Moema
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Santo Amaro
Fogo de Chão São Paulo, Vila Olimpia
Fogo de Chão Scottsdale
Fogo de Chão Washington, D.C.
  • “"I just wanted to say that I can't stop talking about your restaurant. The service was exceptional. Every need I had was taken care of by the staff. The food was for lack of a better word...EXCELLENT! I can't stop recommending people to try out the place. I had a fabulous experience and I hope to have many more."”

    February 2, 2003
  • “Excellent service,I am going this week again for Valentine day.”

    February 2, 2003
  • “I was in Dallas and was able to try your great restaurant! I have tolled all my frends about your wonderful service and delicius foods! I hope to return to Dallas soon just to enjoy a fantastic meal with you again. Thank You, Karrie Haskett, Orlando, Florida”

    February 2, 2003
  • “We wanted to take our parents out for a memorable evening to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The evening was fantastic. Your staff was exceptional. The food.....no words can describe it. THANK YOU!”

    February 2, 2003
  • “We have been to the Fogo de Chao a lot of times, we even know the one in Sao Paulo (Santo Amaro). I think it is the second greatest restaurant in the world. Thank You”

    February 2, 2003
  • “There is no better restaurant that I have been to in the Chicago Area where 4 men can go out and eat more meat than you can fathom at such a good price! You have blown my mind. Not to mention the impeccable customer service. Put it this way... I can not remember the last time we all went out to dinner and gave a 35-40% tip. Now that's what I call service! I have already told everone that I know about you and 3 of them have already made reservations. Thank you for the great experience. I WILL BE BACK!!!”

    February 2, 2003
  • “I've been to a lot of fine restauraunts around the country and this was truly the best dining experience I have ever had. It was an eating extravaganza !! I loved my night with you. Thank you !!!”

    February 1, 2003
  • “Fogo's is simply meatastic. I must have eaten 2 cows and a chicken during my meal. My woman and I couldn't get over how good the bread alone was. And the lamb...hotdizzamn. Hands down - best restaurant ever. Rock on.”

    January 30, 2003
  • “I recently had the pleasure of visiting your restaurant in Chicago. Although I had dinner in several very good restaurants, yours was a truly unique dining experience !! The service was excellent and the food and presentation of the food was unparalleled. Its a shame restaurants are only rated up to 5 stars. yours deserves more!! Next week I will be in Houston and am making plans to dine at your Westheimer Rd. location there. Thanks for a great experience. Darryl Hendrix”

    January 30, 2003
  • “Being raised in Colombia, South America and living in Atlanta for more than 10 years I'm grateful that I experience your restaurant that brought back great memories from the churrasquerias back at home, the pan de queso is exquisite and the salad bar to die for. For sure I'll keep on coming back and introducing family, friends and business partners to enjoy this fine cuisine. The caipirinas and the papaya dessert are divine! QUE DELICIA! Denisse Taronji - Atlanta, Ga.”

    January 28, 2003
  • “I ate so much at the salad bar, I had to work on the meats! But such perfection!!! Don't forget dessert... I had creme brulee...it was also the best!!!!! Congrats! Atlanta has been the pits for so long on interesting dining...this was really the best place I have been yet in Atlanta.”

    January 28, 2003
  • “I have gone to your location in Atlanta twice and I must say that every time I go through Atlanta now, I stop by your resturant. It is truly the best resturant that I have ever eaten at. There is a huge selection of meats and salads to choose from that are all very tasty. I plan in the future to stop by your resturants as often as I can.”

    January 27, 2003
  • “We are excited about returning to Atlanta next week, and especially to enjoy our second visit to Fogo de Chao! The menu is "to die for"... the freshest vegetables & top cut meat selections. The Gaucho Tradition is really something! We especially look forward to seeing Senor Chris Koehs, an excellent waiter! 'Gracias!'”

    January 27, 2003
  • “I have been to this location twice. Once for an aniversary and once as a family get-together. My first experience was at night. The nightly menu seems to have more variety. The meats are excellent, very tender, and of course juicy. The servers are the real deal: always dressed their part. The service is great; they are always ready to meet your dinning needs. The wine selection is one of the best I have ever seen anywhere. This is by far the best restaurant I have ever been to.”

    January 27, 2003
  • “I visited this restaurant today for the first time and I absolutely loved it. I will be returning very soon. Great ambiance, great service, and great food.”

    January 27, 2003

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