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  • “I thought that your Picanha cut, from the service to the flavor, was indicative of how amazing the steakhouse and meat-lovers' experience is at Fogo De Chao over a traditional steakhouse. Please keep doing what you're doing.”

    February 9, 2015
  • “Over the years my family and I have developed several good relationships with the staff at the Chicago location. Since we had such a wonderful experience again today, we decided we should let the corporate office know our feelings. Thank You for delicious food and outstanding customer service over the years.”

    January 22, 2015
  • “Service was absolutely impeccable; I was attended to at all times and always had fresh appetizers, water, and gauchos left and right! The food was very high quality and the atmosphere was nice despite the number of people there. Highly recommended.”

    October 31, 2014
  • “My friend surprised me for my birthday by bringing me here and I was very impressed. The service was excellent and even though I'm not a big meat eater the food is phenomenal. A superb experience.”

    September 18, 2014
  • “I love your selections!”

    July 22, 2014
  • “Yesterday was my first time ever at your restaurant. For my guys birthday I thought nothing is more special than steak!! Your staff exceeded the expectations I had for a great meal. This was by far one of the most enjoyable experiences at a restaurant I have ever had. My guy loved it too, and it truly helped make his day that much better. The staff was attentive and charming. I will definitely be planning another special occasion at the Chicago location, as well as spreading the word of the wonderful experience. ”

    June 23, 2014
  • “I would like to thank all the staff and especialy the assistant manager, who gave us fantastic service. Really perfect, and such a friendly experience. Thanks again and hope to come soon again. ”

    June 11, 2014
  • “My family and I had an absolutely beautiful night at your restaurant. The staff were SO helpful and patient as we had a rather large party. We were celebrating Mother's day and my Mom and Aunts had such a beautiful time. Thank you all so much for your hard work and hospitality!”

    May 13, 2014
  • “This is the best restaurant in the country. ”

    April 18, 2014
  • “The food was superb, the service excellent, and we had a great time! Thank you!”

    April 8, 2014
  • “I would like to mention that 2 weeks ago when I visited your restaurant, the assistant manager was fantastic. He made my dining experience excellent. He was so helpful, caring and pleasant. He definitely is a great caring manager. Thank you and see you very soon.”

    March 24, 2014
  • “I was lucky enough to dine at Fogo De Chao in Chicago during a business trip. I can easily say that it was the best meal of my life. The meats were amazing, drinks were great and the staff goes out of their way to make sure everyone has a memorable and amazing dining experience. It was just a wonderful experience. You must try it!”

    February 28, 2014
  • “This is one of my favorite restaurants ever!”

    February 19, 2014
  • “My husband and I LOVE THE MEAT!!!!”

    Dorothy J
    February 17, 2014
  • “Really enjoyed your restaurant.”

    February 3, 2014
  • “My husband and I ate here for our anniversary and it was excellent! We can't wait to visit again when we travel to Orlando this spring with our kids! Wonderful food and service!”

    January 27, 2014

    January 23, 2014
  • “I have been going to this place since it opened up, and always love it. I went on New Year’s Eve for lunch. The staff was amazing, helpful, and very very courteous. We brought my 5 year old daughter and she had such a great time, she now asks to go there all the time. I just wanted to go on record somewhere that the guys working NYE for lunch were fantastic. Thank you.”

    January 3, 2014
  • “I love your food selection and your drinks!”

    December 26, 2013
  • “Enjoyed your food and service.”

    December 23, 2013
  • “Wonderful experience. I will be back!”

    December 3, 2013
  • “Excellent dining experience! Can't wait to visit again.”

    November 26, 2013
  • “We had an extremely enjoyable experience. We look forward to coming in over the holidays. Thanks!”

    November 21, 2013
  • “Wonderful atmosphere. Very delicious.”

    November 20, 2013
  • “I. LOVE. YOU! Hands down you're my FAVORITE restaurant! Always delicious and always charming staff. You rock. ”

    November 20, 2013
  • “I recently had a company outing at your restaurant and wanted to thank you for a job well done. Everyone left satisfied and many of my employees said they were going to bring their families back to your restaurant. Thank you!!”

    November 15, 2013
  • “Great Food!!!”

    November 12, 2013
  • “Awesome food!”

    November 12, 2013
  • “Great experience!”

    November 12, 2013
  • “This place is the BEST! I took a group of 15 customers and colleagues to the Chicago location a couple weeks ago. Food and service was awesome. Customers loved it. Thanks to All!”

    November 6, 2013
  • “Ate here last night and the service and food were excellent!”

    October 31, 2013
  • “Food was amazing. ”

    Jorge C.
    October 25, 2013
  • “Love the Chicago location. Very friendly and helpful staff. Delicious food!”

    October 25, 2013
  • “Love the place and the quality of food :)”

    October 10, 2013
  • “Excellent service.”

    October 9, 2013
  • “Welcome to Rosemont. Happy you are now in the neighborhood!”

    October 7, 2013
  • “Our favorite place to dine!!!”

    September 27, 2013
  • “Food and service were both amazing!”

    September 16, 2013
  • “Probably the best food I have ever had. Service was fantastic and it was an amazing atmosphere! Definitely need to go here more often!”

    September 11, 2013
  • “My dining experience was amazing. The different varieties of meat were all very tasty.”

    August 29, 2013
  • “Excellent food, excellent service, excellent everything!”

    August 27, 2013
  • “The staff and servers exemplified impeccable service. They were very polite and accommodating. This has been one of the greatest dining experiences I have ever encountered. Thank you to the staff! ”

    August 27, 2013
  • “We went to the Chicago restaurant to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. This was our best experience yet. The salad bar was perfect. The meat, of course, raised the bar considerably. The cuts were tender, juicy and cooked perfectly. The attentive wait staff and management made the night even better. They helped to make us feel very special. Our experience at Fogo made our weekend trip worth it and we will return in the future even if only for the day. Thank you so much. ”

    August 19, 2013
  • “Wonderful food and experience. Thanks!”

    August 14, 2013
  • “I just wanted to say the Fogo De Chao in Chicago is incredible. I had the best possible dinner there. My boyfriend and I loved it! The atmosphere was perfect, the food was delicious and the staff was very attentive.”

    August 9, 2013
  • “Thank you so much for the fabulous lunch we enjoyed. Everything was perfect and we are already looking forward to coming back.”

    July 29, 2013
  • “Had a great dinner at your place earlier this week. Thanks!”

    July 29, 2013
  • “This restaurant is absolutely one of the best places I have ever eaten. I love all of the wonderful meats. You guys are doing a great job. ”

    July 26, 2013
  • “AMAZING Service! The manager made us feel welcomed and our company is now obsessed with Fogo De Chao. ”

    July 22, 2013
  • “Just wanted to say you're the best!”

    July 17, 2013